Lopa Design

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In searching for the perfect footwear for little ones in their exciting scoot to walk stage, we realized that there was a need in the marketplace for booties that didn’t compromise comfort, function or style. What came from that need were the design ideals that produced our first pair of Lopa Booties. You will find those same standards in each and every pair of Booties that we craft, and they include:

1) The Original Lopa SwoopWrap Design that contours to follow the unique shape of a baby’s foot. A single pull across tab, appropriate elastic above the heel and velcro that keeps on kicking after heaps of washes.

2) Curated fabric selections that are seasonally appropriate, locally sourced, gender neutral patterns/colors and stylish enough to stand out in a crowd.

3) 100% Machine washable.

4) Hassle-Free to get on a baby’s foot and wearable in all seasons (Plus no need to wear socks!)

5) Comfort is key. We don’t ever want to see those lines on a baby’s ankle from tight fitting “slippers” and want fabrics that feel nice on the skin.

6) Considerate of a child's needs at every stage. Lopa Booties are available in 6 unique sizes that have been tested by little ones across the Pacific Northwest. We use fabric soles for our 3 smallest sizes (think crib friendly) and soft grippy vegan leather soles for our 3 larger sizes (going from scoot to walk!)